How to Care

Have your delicate garments dry cleaned regularly as accumulation of grease, dust particles or
perspiration can greatly reduce the beauty and durability of any apparel. If your clothes are
properly cleaned regularly you can be sure that its quality will last longer.

Always dry clean clothing in sets or pairs, like suits, at the same time, as this will guarantee you
that any slight color change in each piece due to cleaning are consistent across the entire set
and so cannot be noticed over time.

When getting dressed, always apply lotions, make-up and hair spray before putting on your
clothing. The alcohols and chemicals present in these products can cause damage to your
clothing, which is generally not visible until after the clothing is already cleaned multiple times
or as the clothes’ fabric ages.

Use only good quality hangers to support your clothes. Flimsy hangers allow clothes to sag
completely out of shape. If clothes are hung using these hangers for a long time, it may even
cause irreversible damage to the shoulders of your garment.

Moths can eat on your wool items, especially sweaters during the hot summer season—unless
these wool pieces are well-protected.

Preferably, fold and store your wools in cedar closets and/or cedar blocks or closed
as deterrent. Try to keep all of your wool garments moth-free in a dark, well-enclosed
closet. There is nothing more disheartening than finding a moth hole on your favorite wool sweater.

Note that excessive cleaning of clothes will wear them out sooner than later. Some types of
clothing can be worn more than once before cleaning or washing if you just give them extra
care while you’re wearing them. When taking them off, try to look for any spot, tears, dirt, lint,
or anything that would need you to send them to the dirty clothes hamper or repair station.

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