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Leather and Suede

Leather and suede are both beautiful yet expensive types of fabric. Thus, proper care and cleaning is essential to maintain them. We recommend annual cleaning of your leather or suede or immediately as a stain occurs. We can assure you that you can get to extend enjoying your leather and suede garments with our gentle yet effective cleaning methods. Brushing and finishing techniques are used to eliminate wear as well as to re-texturize the skins and strands back to their original condition as if they are good as new.

To properly care for and maintain your leather and suede garments, always take time to inspect them before wearing them. They may have incurred damage during seasonal storage. Try to look for stains, soiling, and minor repairs that may need tending.

Repair open seams, torn linings, and even loose buttons as early as you can before the damage worsens. These are all just little problems that can be fixed inexpensively if caught early, but can cost expensive repairs in the future if ignored. If your leather or suede clothing is stained or has acquired heavy soiling, have it cleaned right away before the stains become permanent. Cleaning the item also adds conditioners that will always keep the leather in a fresh soft and supple condition.

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