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Spot Cleaning

Spilled coffee, ink, or makeup on your garment? It is important that stained garments be brought to Hurt Cleaners as soon as possible.

If you spill something on a garment, refrain from putting any other items on the garment to try to remove the original stain. This may result in stains forming a chemical bond with the fabric, thereby making the original stain harder to remove. It is important to bring the stained garment to us as soon as possible and point out the stains to the counter personnel.

Also, never spray cologne, perfume, or any items that contain alcohol on garments. The alcohol will react to the dry cleaning process and could possibly damage the color of the garment.

Stains become increasingly impossible to remove over time. If left untended, the spot may oxidize and become nearly impossible to eliminate. Some stains are even “invisible” to the eye until heat or the cleaning process “awakens” it. Stains from white wine or salad dressing are a good example.

Spot cleaning is accomplished by a stain removal technician using a combination of steam, specialty cleaning agents, vacuum and/or air drying. This is a timely and delicate process, performed in many cases to garments that require specialized attention and detail.

One of the difficulties of successful removal is that each of these spots or stains can contain different components which can require different stain removal procedures. Furthermore, depending on the type of fiber or dyes that are in the fabric, it may be more difficult.

We have expert spot removal process available for all types of fabrics and garments. Our superb knowledge in chemistry and finishing allows us to properly handle each garment to achieve the highest quality of work possible.

Our stain experts remove spots safely because they know what to use, how to use it and when to stop treatment. They have been trained in the latest techniques for stain removal. Our stain removal technicians have a wide assortment of professional-grade cleaning products and tools at their disposal plus decades of experience.

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